Slope Stability Assessments

Building a new residence, extending your existing dwelling or planning any type of development on sloping ground? Slope stability assessments measure how stable your site is, find potential landslip areas, and recommend ways to keep your site stable such as retaining walls and drainage. Such an assessment is mandatory as part of the development or building approval process if your site is located within Council’s Landslide Hazard or Steep Land overlay areas. You can search Council websites to check at the links given below or contact us to obtain more information.

  • Desk study of existing maps, aerial photos, and the soil test report.
  • Site walk-over mapping by an experienced geotechnical professional.
  • Preparation of a letter report with the slope stability risk assessment and advice regarding design of footings, earthworks, retaining structures and drainage (as relevant).
  • For more complex sites, subsurface investigation, often by test pitting and drilling boreholes, is carried out, followed by targeted laboratory testing.
  • Where necessary, we also conduct numerical modelling using computer software to provide quantitative assessment of slope stability.

If a landslide has occurred the costs and difficulties in repairing damage to land, infrastructure and property can be extreme. We have extensive knowledge in the investigation and remediation of such failures our team having done dozens of such projects across the coast over the last two decades.

Contact us for further information on fees and current turnaround times.

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