Geotechnical investigations are performed to obtain information on the physical properties of soil and rock around a site, often prior to designing earthworks and structures.

At Tectonic we design our investigations based on our knowledge of the likely geotechnical conditions at the site, and the extent of the proposed construction. All of our site works are carried out in the presence of an experienced geotechnical engineer or engineering geologist. This enables us to ensure the reliability of the results we obtain and ultimately the quality of the advice that is given.

All site investigations and laboratory testing are carried out in accordance with AS1726 “Geotechnical site investigations” and AS1289 “Methods of testing soils for engineering purposes”.

A geotechnical investigation is typically documented in a report summarising results of the fieldwork and laboratory testing, and may include recommendations relating to:

  • Earthworks matters such as site preparation, trafficability, batter slopes, drainage, fill specifications, suitability of excavated material for re-use.
  • Soil reactivity and site classification in accordance with AS2870.
  • Groundwater and drainage requirements.
  • Design parameters for footing systems such as for raft slabs and piles, including recommendations for allowable bearing capacities and anticipated settlements.
  • Design parameters for retaining walls and pavements.

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