Wastewater Treatment & Disposal

On-site wastewater and sewage treatment facilities are used for the treatment and disposal of wastewater and domestic sewage on properties in unsewered areas. Onsite wastewater management include different types of treatment and disposal methods such as septic tanks with transpiration beds, aerobic sand filtration systems with subsurface irrigation and aerated wastewater treatment plants with irrigation.

One of the important aspects of an on-site wastewater management system is the requirement for a thorough site and soil evaluation to be undertaken as part of the process of obtaining Council approval for effluent disposal within the property.

Our qualified environmental and geotechnical engineers have the expertise and experience to provide a comprehensive assessment of wastewater disposal options for your property, whether it be for a new house, proposed subdivision, or large facilities (e.g. horticulture developments, function centres, rural holiday accommodation, etc.).

A typical wastewater treatment assessment includes:

  • Walk-over survey by an experienced geotechnical engineer or environmental scientist to assess conditions for on-site effluent disposal.
  • Subsurface investigation using boreholes or test pits to assess available areas for effluent disposal.
  • A Council compliant report with recommendations regarding sizing, position and construction of the effluent disposal system

Tectonic conducts all wastewater treatment and disposal assessments in accordance with Australian Standard AS1547 On-site Domestic Wastewater Management.

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