Tectonic’s experienced geotechnical engineers are available to provide a variety of services during the construction of your project. Below are some of the common requirements of our clients to ensure that the recommendations of our site investigation reports are implemented.

Design and Certification of Temporary Works

During the construction phase, groundworks are often required just to enable safe access for equipment and personnel. Tectonic has extensive experience with the provision of design and certification for such temporary works including piling platforms, deep cuts and trenches near sensitive features, pipeline crossings, and retention.

Inspection and Certification of Footing Excavations

To confirm bearing capacities for footing excavations, whether it be for shallow strip footings or deep bored piles, Tectonic engineers are available for site inspections. We can also utilise our experience to advise on dealing with unforseen ground conditions that may arise from time to time.

Earthworks Certification

Larger scale earthworks operations often require Level 1 geotechnical inspection and testing of earthworks in accordance with AS3798 so that filled areas may ultimately be used to support  structures such as houses and roads. With our sub-consultant partners, who operate NATA accredited laboratories, Tectonic is able to provide Level 1 inspections and reports for all types of earthworks.  We are commonly engaged by earthworks contractors, but also provide Level 1 services to developers and local authorities.

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