Naturally occurring acid sulfate soils (ASS) and sediments contain iron sulphides, most commonly “pyrite”, which can rapidly form sulphuric acid when exposed to oxygen. This acid can leach into surrounding environments, possibly causing damage to infrastructure, and leaching toxic iron and aluminium and other heavy metals into local water systems.

Our experienced scientists and engineers can advise on requirements regarding ASS as per local planning schemes, current mapping and council policies.

Acid Sulfate Soil Reports, Management Plans & Construction Services

We typically provide the following services relating to ASS, often in combination with Geotechnical Investigations:

  • Site investigation, soil sampling and analysis requirements to meet the relevant authority guidelines.
  • Recovery of soil, groundwater and surface water samples using a variety of techniques depending on the requirements of the project and site accessibility.
  • Undertaking pH screening tests of soils to target laboratory testing and management of quantitative testing using our NATA accredited sub-contractors.
  • Preparation of reports summarising the extent and severity of ASS, and the nature of the associated groundwater and surface waters
  • Preparation of ASS Management Plans and Dewatering Management Plans, detailing strategies, targets and responsibilites to mitigate risks during construction.
  • Implementation of these Management Plans by providing professional staff during construction to conduct training for construction personnel, testing of treated soils and water, and provision of advice to address any issues that may arise.

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